• Flyback Transformer (Buck-boost converter)

    Flyback Transformer (Buck-boost converter)

    Flyback transformers are highly favored by development engineers due to their simple circuit structure and low cost.

  • Phase-shift Full Bridge Transformer

    Phase-shift Full Bridge Transformer

    The phase-shifting full bridge transformer adopts two groups of full bridge converters constructed by four quadrant power switches to carry out high-frequency modulation and demodulation for the input power frequency voltage, and uses high-frequency transformers to achieve the electrical isolation.

  • DC (Direct Current) Convert to DC Transformer

    DC (Direct Current) Convert to DC Transformer

    A DC/DC transformer is a component or device that converts DC (direct current) to DC, specifically referring to a component that utilizes DC to convert from one voltage level to another voltage level.

  • LLC (two inductors and one capacitor) Transformer

    LLC (two inductors and one capacitor) Transformer

    With the progress of science and technology and the development of electronic technology, more and more electronic devices require the use of transformer components. LLC (resonant) transformers, with their ability to simultaneously operate without load and reflect the light or heavy load with the resonant channel current, embody the advantages that ordinary series resonant transformers and parallel resonant transformers cannot compare, therefore, they have been widely used.