Flyback Transformer (Buck-boost converter)


Flyback Transformer (Buck-boost converter)

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Flyback transformers are highly favored by development engineers due to their simple circuit structure and low cost.

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Flyback transformers are suitable for low-power power sources and various power adapters. However, the main difficulty of flyback transformers is the design. The input voltage range of flyback transformer is wide. Particularly, when under low input voltage and full load conditions, the transformer will operate in continuous current mode, while under high input voltage and light load conditions, the transformer will operate in discontinuous current mode.

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The detailed advantages are shown in below:

(1) Leakage inductance can be controlled within 1%-10% of the main inductance;

(2) Magnetic core has good electromagnetic coupling, simple structure and high production efficiency;

(3) High working frequency, high power density, frequency between about 50kHz~300kHz.

(4) Excellent heat dissipation characteristics, with a high surface area to volume ratio, a very short heat channel, convenient for heat dissipation.

(5) High efficiency, the magnetic core structure of the special geometric shape can effectively reduce the core loss.

(6) Small electromagnetic radiation interference. Low power loss, low temperature rise, high efficiency.

(7) The circuit is simple and can efficiently provide multiple DC outputs, making it suitable for multi group output requirements.

(8) The ratio of transformer turns is small.

(9) When the input voltage fluctuates over a large range, there can still be a relatively stable output.

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◆ High Reliability, Comply with AEC-Q200;

◆ Low loss;

◆ Low leakage inductance;

◆ Wide operating voltage and frequency range;

◆ High Power Density,Good heat Dissipation;

◆ High Curie Temperature;

◆ Easy Assembly

Scope of application

Suitable for driving transformers, main transformers and output filter inductors, PFC inductors, widely used in color TV and LCD power supplies, computers, monitors, switches, cathode-ray tube, SPMS, DC-DC power supply techniques, battery charging, telecommunication, photovoltaic application and other electrical equipment;

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