Flat Vertical Winding Motor Coil


Flat Vertical Winding Motor Coil

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Flat coils are currently mainly used in some high demanding situations, such as flat micro-motors.

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Flat coil is a characteristic shape coil that uses non-traditional AIW flat enameled wire and requires the use of specialized winding equipment for processing. Mainly used in low-voltage DC-DC communication power modules that require low altitude and high current, such as laptops and high current power supplies.

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Compared with ordinary coils, flat coils have the characteristics of light weight, high efficiency, and low noise under high voltage in the same volume. From the technical point of view, under the same size, higher current can be used to adapt to higher frequency and obtain higher Q value (quality factor). From a quality perspective, due to its simpler structure, the performance is more stable and the consistency of the product is better. In addition, due to the small temperature difference between the inside and outside of the coil, better heat dissipation performance and magnetic field efficiency can be achieved compared to ordinary coils.

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Product Overview

1. The maximum width and width ratio of flat wire can be 30:1;
2. Characters can be customized according to customers;
3. High heat dissipation efficiency;
4. Uniform distribution parameters;
5. Automatic equipment winding.

Scope of application

Suitable for various industrial control power supplies, inverter power supplies, UPS, EPS, variable frequency power supplies, and various special power equipment.

Products parameters

◆Rated voltage: determined according to demands of customers
◆Insulation level: Class B, F, or H
◆Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
◆Number of phases: single-phase, three-phase
◆Leakage reactance value, input and output voltage, and overall dimensions can be designed and manufactured according to requirements of customers.

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