Boost Inductor (Boosting Voltage Converter)


Boost Inductor (Boosting Voltage Converter)

Short Description:

Boost inductor is an electronic component whose main function is to increase the input voltage to the desired output voltage. It is composed of a coil and a magnetic core. When current passes through the coil, the magnetic core generates a magnetic field, which causes a change in the current in the inductor, thereby generating voltage.

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The types of boost inductors include:

1. According to structural classification, inductors can be divided into wire wound inductors and non wire wound inductors.

2. According to the installation method, there are patch type inductors and plug-in type inductors.

3. According to the application, inductors can be divided into oscillation inductors, correction inductors, picture tube deflection inductors, resistive inductors, filtering inductors, isolation inductors, compensated inductors, etc.

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The detailed advantages are shown in below:

(1) The annular magnetic core and flat vertical winding wire have good electromagnetic coupling, simple structure and high production efficiency and good consistency of parameters;

(2) Because flat copper wire is mostly used, skin effect can be overcome, resulting in high working frequency and high power density, with the frequency between about 50kHz and 300kHz;

(3) The vacuum sealing process has excellent heat dissipation characteristics, small components with a high surface area volume ratio and a very short heat channel, which is convenient for heat dissipation;

(4) High efficiency, the magnetic core structure of the special geometric shape can effectively reduce the core loss;

(5) Small electromagnetic radiation interference. Low power loss, low temperature rise, high efficiency;

(6) Block core structure, to meet the customer more appearance performance requirements

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(1) Adopt a variety of magnetic material combinations, take the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, to compensate each other mutually, and get excellent cost-effective products;
(2) The electrical performance of the products is stable, the manufacturing process is simple, and the production efficiency is high;
(3) The products have small size, low power consumption, low temperature rise and low cost;
(4) The products have high efficiency and low noise.

Scope of application

Widely used in home appliances (air conditioners), photovoltaics, UPS power supplies, smart grids, smart inverters, high-power power supplies, medical equipment, etc.

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